Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Celebrating Christmas, 2007

Okay, well I don't celebrate Christmas, per se, but there are some specific things I did this Christmas that I think of as very Christmas-y. It's not very original - I had Chinese food and went to the movies with a big group. Maybe we can call it the Jewish Christmas. The group was so big that we had a choice of five different movies to see. A select group (including me) saw Juno. It was cute. A little quirky. A little fun. Entertaining. Verdict: I liked it. I don't know that I liked it $12 worth (and I wish that were a typo, but the rates went up again while I wasn't looking), but it definitely came close.

Finding things open for Christmas was not nearly as easy as finding things open for Thanksgiving. We had time between the Chinese Food and the Movie to get a little something, and we walked around for thirty minutes before finding a tiny ice cream shop on an obscure side street that was open. We all had either hot chocolate or European hot chocolate, which seemed to be a melted chocolate bar. It looked great, but I had already gotten the regular, so it will have to be next time for me. Unluckily for the environment and the future of mankind (but happily for us at the time), the weather has been really, really nice. It's barely been cold at all. We had a small cold snap, but mostly it's been nice. It snowed once, but that was awhile ago.

After the movies, we went to a nearby bar and chilled until we were all hungry again and then went to Saigon Grill, which, as you might imagine, is Vietnamese cuisine. All in all, it was a good time. A splurge, but fun.

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