Thursday, January 17, 2008


I don't think I've shared this with you (since I haven't blogged barely at all for the past six months or so), but last March, I noticed that my shoulder hurt. Nothing happened to it, I just realized one day that it had hurt for awhile. I couldn't raise it all the way up (or even close) and it hurt when I tried.

Time passed. It still hurt.

More time passed. It still hurt.

More time passed. It didn't hurt as bad, but it still hurt.

In October, I went to the doctor to find out why my shoulder still hurt. That's right. I waited for morer than six months to go to the doctor - for no reason!. (Well, actually, one of those months was me being scared of getting a cortisone shot because they're supposed to hurt like the dickens.) Anyway, I told the doctor what was going on, he put his thumb on my upper arm and pushed and I let out a yell. He seemed satisfied. Diagnosis: bursitis. I didn't even know what bursitis was. (It's an inflammation of the sac of fluid that is between your bone and your muscle.)

Off to an orthopaedist for me. I was dreading the shot, but what I wasn't expecting is the following ruling: 2 months of physical therapy (PT). I picked the place that was most convenient to me, but according to US News & World Rerport , my place is one of the best. I was kind of suprised they had room for me - I'm no top-shelf client. But they did have room for me and twice a week, I've been going to PT and two to three times a day, I do my stretches.

After two months, I went to back to the doctor and she said that I was greatly improved. I agreed. She also said that it can take up to a year to regain full use of the arm and I shouldn't be discouraged. I was a little discouraged anyway. But then I went back to PT and within a week I realized I could really see the improvement. That made me a lot happier and I decided that I will NOT be discouraged. Then my physical therapist said that we could reduce our sessions to once a week. That coincided with the news that my co-payments by my insurance were twenty dollars per session higher than last year, so I was pleased about that on two fronts.

It won't be long now, til I am done with my PT for good. It isn't known what caused the injury in the first place, but in order to reduce the possibility of reoccurrence, I have greatly improved my posture. That has been the most difficult part of this whole process. I don't have a strong core and just intentionally sitting up straight was really tiring for a long time. Now it's not as tiring, but it still feels awkward (which is better than it feeling sore!). The good news is that if I'm ever really bored on the bus, and I haven't brought anything to read, I can always practice sitting up straight.

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