Monday, February 25, 2008

Four Days Until Move, Lunchtime Edition

  • My desk is packed.
  • My bathroom is packed (except for my toothbrush, toothpaste, brush and thermometer - I haven't found that case for the thermometer yet).
  • The vast majority of my kitchen is packed except for maybe three pots, two pans, two plates, one glass (which is actually in the bathroom), a colander, a mixing bowl (medium), the silverware, silverware holder, and a tea kettle.
  • Books are packed, though I keep thinking that and finding more books.
  • Judaica packed, except for my mezuzot (hey, any Rabbis reading, how long in advance of moving am I permitted to take them down - the people moving in are not Jewish).
  • Almost everything has been taken off the walls and packed, except for one painting that fits perfectly into one suitcase that is reinforced so it's good for that type of thing.
  • Apothecary emptied and packed.
  • Working on box #27. (Not now. Now I'm at work at lunch.)
My apartment looks forlorn. Shelves are empty, cabinets are empty, and boxes and packing material are covering nearly every square foot of floor that isn't occupied with furniture.

I feel like I am almost done, but that is a dangerous feeling until I am actually done. I've been packing for almost a month. It would be kind of amazing if I were done ahead of time. I mean, usually I'm up til four in the morning the night before a move getting last minute things done. I'll let you know.

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