Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unsatisfying Ending to Jury Duty

I have to say, I like Jury Duty. I like Jury Duty for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that I didn't have to get there before ten in the morning (except on the first day). I actually feel proud to serve on a jury. There aren't a lot of civic-minded things that I do besides voting and I like that my citizenship obligates me to do certain things. It makes me more part of the team. Team USA, that is.

Now that the trial is over, I can talk about the case. This was a case of identity theft and credit card fraud. They wouldn't have let me on the jury if either lawyer had asked me what I thought of people who steal other people's identities because I would have said that I think they're wicked, narcissistic sociopaths. They aren't as bad as people who steal other people's homes out from under them with trick-refinancing, but they are pretty bad. But they didn't ask me any questions like that and I don't think it would have been relevant in any case, because I wouldn't have had a problem following the law that the judge gave to us at the would-be end of the trial. I can't tell you much about the case, because we didn't hear that much witness testimony before we were sent out, then called back in and told that the case was over. I don't know if there was a plea bargain or if the prosecutor didn't have enough evidence (though that would surprise me) because they didn't say.

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