Monday, April 21, 2008

A Choyleh Pesach

I am in California, once again for the season of our freedom, but this time, I have the stomach flu (choyleh, like chole in Hebrew, means sick). Actually, I think I am mostly over the stomach flu by now, but I had it straight through the seders, which is too bad because I missed most of the first night and some of the second night. I'm super bummed about it because, well, they're the seders, and I don't see all of my family very often.

The big news in the family is that Jock and his family are moving to Dallas this summer. Very sad for me because I love hanging out with them. However, they never intended on staying in the city once they had kids and Dallas has a slower pace and a much better housing market. And, if I was looking for a reason to visit Dallas, I now have one.

In the course of my every day life, I really do think of things to blog about, but whenever I sit down to actually blog, I can never think of them. I should keep notes. But I probably won't. I will, however, probably keep complaining of this problem. Stay tuned for future discussion that says the exact same thing.

I have been having a terrible time with Time Warner Cable and still don't have a land line in my apartment. This would not be a problem, except that my cell phone does not work in my apartment, which is why I got the triple play package in the first place. The cable could wait and online service could kind of wait, but the phone could not wait. Right now (or rather, if I were back in New York), I (would) have to go outside for the phone to work. So when I was on the phone with TWC, everything they had me do, they would tell me what it was, I would put the phone down, run inside, do it, see that it didn't work, come back outside, pick up the phone, and report back. And boy howdy, I could tell you some stories of a couple of the idiots I have talked to (although a couple of the people have been fine and a couple have been sympathetic - yes, I've talked to that many people). Anyway, they are all boring stories and it would just re-frustrate me to tell them, so we'll leave it at that.

I have not finished setting up the apartment. I know it's been a month and a half; I'm slow. I'm a slow eater and I'm a slow apartment-setter-upper. So be it.

I'll end this post. Perhaps if I keep my posts short, I'll post more often. But probably not.

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