Thursday, May 01, 2008


I went to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the first time last Sunday to see "Love in Hard Times: The Music of Paul Simon." There were three weeks of shows, actually a week each of three different shows and although Paul Simon played a few of his tunes, most of his songs were played and interpreted by other artists. It was good, although I know I would have liked it even better if I had known all his music better.

I actually got back to New York on Saturday. That was one day later than scheduled. On Friday morning, Orbitz was nice enough to email me to tell me that my first flight was so delayed that there would be no way to make my second flight. I called the airline and in lieu of getting into Newark around midnight, I opted to stay the extra day and leave extra early the next morning. It was too bad I didn't get two days to get over the jet lag before going back to work, but it was worth it, because I got to spend a little more time with everyone. My sister and her family were all over for Shabbat dinner, which was great, and I got a chance to see one of my Vermont cousins, CC (who I have not mentioned in awhile, I know), who came out with her husband and newborn to meet everyone. I missed the big party on Saturday, because I was in the air, but I got to meet my first first cousin once removed for the first time on Friday night, so it was worth the delay.

I am really scattered, so you'll have to excuse me. I started getting sick on the plane ride home, but it really hit me the next day. Unfortunately, I was already at work when I realized that I was still getting worse and I couldn't come in at all on Tuesday. Now, I feel mostly better, but I cannot keep focused on anything.

Yesterday I saw this program (or, as the English say, a programme) called Supernanny. I think I've seen it one other time. I don't really know what to make of it. I know that they film for two weeks so they are taking the worst of the worst behavior before and then the best of the best behavior after, but it is hard to believe that if parents have let their kids get that out of control, that a firm voice and reward charts will turn them around in a week and a half. And possibly to prove my point, they did not, this showing, show the family a couple of months later, the way they did last time. This leads me to think that the changes weren't permanent.

You know, I do think of things to post about during the day, but they are only half formed thoughts with no conclusions. It's a bother. I wish I posted more, but I apparently don't wish it enough to actually do it. Still, this one was only ten days after the last, so I am getting a bit better.

Ach. Lunch time is almost over. I should go grab something. While being sick over the last week or so, I haven't been all that hungry, but I am supposed to donate platelets today, and they like you to have a couple of good meals in you in addition to lots of water. I do it partly for the brownie points and partly for the Oreos. Although they did mention something about how you can give regularly and earn prizes. That seems really funny. Strange funny and funny funny. I'll report back on some of the fabulous prizes you, too, could earn, if you lived in the greater metropolitan New York Area and gave platelet donations on a regular basis.

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