Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feeling Better

I'm not really a hundred per cent, but I am feeling much better. Sorry for the lack of blogging. Now that my appetite is back, I'm eating instead of blogging. I only have time to blog now because, late as it is, I am still at work. The board meets in a couple of weeks and everyone's packet is due today. I'm doing the packet from our office. The thing is, you need 75 copies and that takes a really long time to print out. Hence the extra time. I'm doing it double-sided, so it's less of a waste of paper, but it's still a lot of sheets. And I think it's going to be another hour or so before it's finished. I hope not. It's pretty rare that I have to work late several nights in a row, but it does happen. Luckily I had to cancel my plans for tonight anyway.

Speaking of canceling plans, I was thinking about going on a Club Getaway trip this weekend and I ended up deciding against it. It's pretty expensive, but that wasn't the primary reason. I'm primarily not going because it isn't an all Jews weekend and they're doing an MOT weekend in August. It isn't as though it's specifically a singles kind of thing, but I've heard that a lot of singles go and it seems silly to go to a semi-singles kind of place when I can't take advantage of being a single. However, I have not found something to replace the weekend with. I might just explore the new part of the city I live in.

I also need to get a hair cut. I've needed to get a hair cut for a really long time. I can't decide how short to get it cut. I could be really adventurous and go really short. Or I could do a bob. Or I could get a few inches trimmed, though that doesn't seem like much fun. I wish I had a hair stylist here. Finding a hair stylist is harder than finding a synagogue. If you go to a synagogue and the Rabbi does a bad job, it's not like you're spiritually wounded for the next month and a half. (Though that is something to think about.) If you get a bad hair cut, though, you're in trouble. And, of course, there's the price. It's steep. Of course, there are places that aren't steep, but I really can't imagine getting a good hair cut for, say $35. Is that crazy? Is that the New York coming out in me? Because I know that everything is cheaper everywhere else (except manicures and hot dogs on the street). I mean, the price of breakfast cereal is enormous.

Incidentally, you know how I haven't gotten a hair cut because I can't decide what kind of hair cut to get? I also don't have a tattoo because I can't decide what kind of tattoo to get. I know that really scandalous because Jews aren't supposed to get tattooed, but we're also not supposed to get your ears pierced and it seems like that's okay. The other thing about tattoos is that they're really trendy now and there's no way to say, "I'm getting this, but not to be trendy." I've wanted a tattoo since the pre-trendy era. Still, those two reasons conspire against me and I think it unlikely that I'll adorn myself in that fashion.

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