Friday, May 16, 2008

My Imaginary Dog

I don't have any pets. I don't want the responsibility and I like the fact that people with allergies can come to my apartment without having to take any medicine. Even though I don't have a dog and even though I don't grow up with a dog, I'm pretty sure that if my dog didn't want to eat for two weeks, I'd bring him to a vet. In fact, I'd probably do it after two days. I, on the other hand, do not get such good treatment. It didn't occur to me that not having an appetite for this long means I'm sick. I was just thinking of it as kind of a dieter's aid. I mean, I don't seem to have any other symptoms of anything, except maybe I'm finding it a bit harder than normal to fall asleep. Why did this come up? I will tell you.

It's a rainy day here in Manhattan. It was only sprinkling this morning, but it has been wet all day and it was raining pretty hard at lunch time. Someone got the great idea of ordering lunch in. It's an indulgence, I admit it, but I took the bait anyway. Except, I really wasn't very hungry. Yesterday I blogged and emailed through lunch because I just didn't want to eat (and I knew we were having ice cream cake as a good-bye party for someone in the office). Today, if no one had mentioned lunch, I would have done the same. But someone did bring it up and, I like being sociable. I did mention, though, that I wasn't hungry and two of my coworkers said, "Still? You have to see a doctor!" And I immediately realized that of course I had to see a doctor. So I made an appointment. The doctor is out on Fridays and this wasn't an emergency - I can last a couple of more days eating minimally, I'm sure - so I'll see him on Monday.

This is the kind of thing I really like about my office, though. We look out for each other. A lot of us have lunch together, at least some of the time, so everyone knows what's going on with everyone else and more than that, we care what's going on with everyone else. It's hard to put a price on that. And for awhile there, there was this one woman who worked here who was just this side of rude to me whenever she saw me (but it was on this side, so I couldn't complain), it has been many years since there was animosity in the office or factions of people butting heads. And if you've ever worked in an office with warring factions, you know how terrible it is.

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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon. Let me know what happens tomorrow.