Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nothing to Say

As you can see, I am endeavoring to write more frequently. I know it takes a really long time for habits to form, so I know that three times, in this case, do not make a charm. I'd probably have to post every other day for at least a month for me to say that I have to habit of doing it. Even then, any change in routine will start me back at zero again. I know it.

You know how a lot of kids have security blankets? Have you ever wondered why they don't like to go without them and why it's so hard for them to break the habit of carrying them around everywhere? Yeah, me neither. However, I think I now have a good approximation of what they do feel because the other day, I left my house without my cell phone. I can't tell you how uncomfortable that made me feel. I kept reaching for it, which is weird because it's not like I'm always on it. So I think that the feeling approximates what a kid feels when he is without his security blanket. It's some small reassurance that we have control over something.

I think I may have mentioned that the West Side Giraffes are moving to Texas. This has really got me down. I mean, I'm happy for them because it's a good move. They both have great jobs waiting for them there, the real estate market isn't impossible the way it is here and they've already got a house. In addition, this is where Sylvia is from, so she is, in a sense, going home. And even if they were going to stay in New York, they wouldn't have stayed in the city, so I probably would have seen them next to never anyway. At least this way, when I visit, it will always be sunny. Still, I can't pretend it's not a loss. But we each have to live our own lives and I am really grateful that we had these past few years in the same city. And who knows what the future will bring? Maybe Sunflower will go to NYU or something.

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  1. It seemed so great that the Giraffes were all in NYC and now it is sooooooo sad....