Friday, May 02, 2008

Platelet Advantage

As it happened, once again, my iron, though in the normal range, was not high enough to donate platelets. This is nonsense. When you donate platelets, they only borrow the red blood cells and then put them right back into your body. There is no reason to have higher than average iron. It won't weaken you. However, their policy is not to differentiate between iron levels needed for blood donation and iron levels needed for platelet donation. Very annoying. I mean, I guess it's fine that I didn't spend two hours hooked up to a machine yesterday getting de-plateletted, but if make the effort of actually going there, I want to get something done.

Anyway, while I was there, I found the brochure on their Platelet Advantage program. It was sparse on details and you pretty much have to donate every three months or you use all the points you gain. I don't care much one way or the other. Unless they lower their iron requirements, it will only be a rarity that I'll be able to donate anyway - days that my iron is unusually high for me. But I'm sure that their program works for some people, so I say more power to them. I think they could get even more people if they paid them money. I have some sense that maybe that's against the law, though why you would be able to earn prizes and not money is beyond me. I'm sure it's just some legal fancy footwork.

I spend Shabbat tonight with the West Side Giraffes. Actually, I guess they're the Manhattan Giraffes, now that there are no East Side Giraffes. Tomorrow night, a friend of mine is performing at Comix and another friend of mine is having a Cinco de Mayo party. I should be able to do both, so it's kind of a full weekend for me.

In other news, I am currently reading Willa Cather's "My Antonia." I like it so far, but it is taking me longer than usual to read. It reminds me of Mark Twain because you get a really good sense of another time and place.

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