Friday, June 13, 2008

Depends Who You Ask

I took a course on Judaism once and the Rabbi started the course by saying that whatever our question were, the answer is, "It depends who you ask."

Two weeks, my East Coast synagogue, Temple Shaare Tefila, dedicated two Torahs. Rabbi Stein said, "Some of you might be wondering why we need more Torahs. The answer is, you can never have too many Torahs." As it happened, this is exactly what I wondering because when you open the ark downstairs, there are already seven Torahs in there. Or five? I can't picture it now, but there are more than two, which seems kind of going overboard. I was not at all satisfied with this answer. Happily, we have more than one Rabbi, so at the oneg, I asked Rabbi Bellows about it and she said that the new Torahs are a lot lighter so that B'nai Mitvah kids and older adults and anyone with a back problem will have an easier time carrying it. That made a lot more sense to me because I don't think it's true that you can't have too many Torahs. At some point, you run out of room. Of course, one reason to have extra Torahs is so you can loan them out to starter congregations. I think that's what we did at my West Coast synagogue when we first started.

Another Torah-related item having to do with TST: I don't like the Torah covers they use. First of all, they're all the same. That's just a lack of creativity. Second of all, they're boring looking. They look okay from close up, but from far away, they just look like, I don't know, sackcloth.

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  1. Glad to help! I totally understand your initial hesitation to accept the first answer - having worked in a small synagogue in Florida, we were so proud of our ONE little Torah. We never could have imagined an ark overflowing with Torahs...

    see you soon :) Enjoying your blog!