Friday, June 27, 2008

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow, But Without the Sweet Part

Jock, Sylvia, and Sunflower are no longer residents of the state of New York. They're visiting family in Maine now, but when they're done, they will be residents of Texas nation.

I went over on Tuesday to babysit. Sylvia was taking Jock to the theater for his birthday. You may know that Jock's birthday is in November, but there was a strike going on on Broadway, so their tickets to The Drowsy Chaperone were no good. Instead, they went this week to see South Pacific, which they said was very good, but not the best show ever, which is what they were told by someone Jock works with. Sunflower and I had a pretty good time. Last time I babysat, it was rough, she just cried the whole time. This time was much better. She's really fascinating to watch. She can pull herself up now. She can walk if you're holding her hands. I gave her my watch and she kept flipping it over, back and forth, for something like thirty minutes. We played with a small green ball. What else did we do? Dinner. Winter squash and rice and turkey puree or something. I had Texas Rotisserie Grill, which is really good.

They came home later than I would have liked, but I stayed for another hour and talked and laughed and came pretty close to crying. It's the last time I'll be in their apartment building, maybe, certainly the last time I'll be in their apartment. I always liked it there. I'm sure I'll like their new place, too, of course and I'll have my own room there, not just a couch to sleep on. Still. I have to admit it - I'm bummed out.

So I don't have anything to say, but I wanted to note this. This is what's on my mind. I'll miss them a lot. I'll probably get down there for one of the holidays, though, probably Rosh HaShanah. That'll be fun.

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  1. You make me sad...because you are sad...


    I'd call you but PC hasn't gotten me my damn hands-free device yet. True to character, he can't make up his mind WHICH one to get -- AAAARRRGH -- he's lucky he's so cute :)