Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Saying Goodbye, A Little Heartfelt Piece at a Time

This weekend was the West Side Giraffe's going away party. They aren't leaving for another three weeks or so, but this way they did it before they had to deal with all the moving details that one has to deal with. They had the party at a bar, so Sunflower actually wasn't invited. It was hard for them to find a babysitter because all their normal babysitters (me, our cousin GeorgiaGirl, close friends) were all at the party. We started going through my list of babysitters (I know a surprising number of people my age who babysit as a part time way to earn extra money), but Jock finally went with one of his students.

The party was crowded and fun. I wore this super cute new dress that I just got from Filene's Basement. I don't often find things that look good on me which is one reason I don't like shopping that much, so I get really excited when I actually find something. Yay! It was interesting to see all of Jock and Syl's people from all parts of their life. I knew almost everyone there from other events in their lives - their wedding, Sunflower's naming, other parties. These are people they've been to school with or had jobs with or just met through friends of friends and I've become friends with some of them, too. Now I'll have to make an effort to see them, instead of just knowing that I'll see them at whatever next party the West Side Giraffe's are going to have next.

I took Monday off. I was supposed to sell the couch at noon, but the guy that was supposed to come was a no show. After that, I went out to lunch with Syl and Sunflower. We had tomato and brie sandwiches. Does this make us ladies who lunch?

What I hope to do is spend so much time over the next three weeks with the WSGs that we get sick of each other and be happy that we don't live in the same city. I don't really see that happening, though. It might just make things worse. At least this is a good move for them. They'll own a house with a yard and a pool, they both have interesting and challenging jobs awaiting them. Everyone in California is happy that they are so much closer. The Grands say it's drivable, but that is because they like driving trips. It really takes two or three days to do it. I don't consider anything farther than six hours "drivable" and since I don't have a car, I don't currently consider anything drivable.

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