Monday, June 23, 2008

Would You Trade Your Daughter for a Cow?

I find that I often don't have anything to say, which is why I've been writing so infrequently in spite of good intentions. However, just because I don't have anything to say doesn't mean other people don't. So now, when I am stuck for something to say for a good long time, I think I will profile different charities. This is a good one.

I was checking out different pages on when I came across one called "Would You Trade Your Daughter for a Cow?" Needless to say, I was intrigued; I had to click on it to see what it was. It turns out, it was about a charitable organization called Asante Africa Foundation. The page was this amazing story about a couple who went to Tanzania on safari, saw the desperate need there, and decided to do something about it. They started this organization which builds schoolhouses and funds them and all sorts of neat stuff.

You should go to the page and read the whole story if you want to hear an amazing story, or go to the Asante site to donate through PayPal. It is one of the few times I've heard about something and immediately donated.

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