Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are Doughnuts Dessert?

During the Summer, our office does a number of team building exercises. We always go a Yankees game. We also have a lunch every year. We had been doing it at Central Park's Boat Basin, but this year, we decided to have a potluck picnic. Not everyone has signed up to bring something, and a few of us were discussing what the third dessert might be. I said that if I were getting dessert, I would get doughnuts. (Specifically, I would have gotten Entenmann's crumb topped doughnuts. Man, I could eat half a box at once. The whole box, if you paid me.) And Penny, my boss, replied, "I don't think of doughnuts as dessert." I asked, "What do you think of them as? A main dish?" and she said, "No, I think of them as breakfast, or maybe a snack."

So how about it PepGiraffe readers? Do you think of doughnuts as a snack or a dessert? Or both? (This would be a fine time to make your first comment ever, if you haven't done so before.)


  1. Doughnuts are definitely a dessert. They're just a dessert that our country thinks acceptable for breakfast. Like coffee CAKE.

  2. The answer is yes! Yes, it is a snack. Yes, it is a dessert. And breakfast. Or lunch. Even dinner.

    National Doughnut Month is just one month away!!!