Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camper Award for the PepGiraffe

By they way, I got a camper award. It was for being a "Texas Hold 'em Shark." (I can get a little competitive and I made a killing on the second hand with a full house.)

It's true that I came in second, but I went out on a bad beat. I was holding pocket kings (aka Cowboys), which is a great hand. I can't remember the betting pre-flop, but I must have put something in. Not too much, of course.

The flop was a two, three, five, mixed suit. My opponent checked. I put in, I don't know, eight (the pot was at four or eight), giving him the opportunity to check-raise. He didn't, he called. Either he was playing it really cool, or he hadn't flopped a straight (and who stays in with a four and six, right?).

The river (the fourth card the dealer lays down for the community cards) was a queen of clubs. My opponent checked, I bet eight again and my opponent called. The next and last card was a nine. I considered my options. The guy across from me had a lot more chips than I did. If I doubled up on chips, I would have more than he did. There is an excellent chance that I have the better hand. You don't get a pair of kings very often. There was nothing, really, on the board. I went all in (I bet all my chips). I show my pair of kings and wouldn't you know it, Craig flips over a pair of aces (pocket rockets). What are the odds?

Now I do like Texas Hold -em a lot, but the decision to enter the tournament did not come without strategy. Three fourths of the people playing were of the male variety. Although, I guess if I were really gaming the system, I would have pretended not to know how to play. I think it's a sign of cultural progress that that didn't even occur to me.

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