Monday, August 11, 2008

Club Getaway

I had a great time at Club Getaway. I flew on a trapeze and I went on the zip line, I got second place in the Texas Hold'em tournament. I took a swing dancing class and went to a "HurryDate" party. I went into the lake and almost went SCUBA diving (the group in front of me took too long and I went to my next event instead). I roomed with three fun women I had never met before. I met a lot of great people and there was one in particular that I liked. We'll call him Brian. We exchanged phone numbers and email and I will keep you updated on what is going on. Hopefully he won't get hit by a bus.*

Speaking of buses, the bus to and from CG was definitely worth the extra money. I had so much fun on the way there that even though I could have gotten a ride on the way back, I took the bus again. I actually got to know one of my roommates a lot better and I invited her along to the Beer Garden on Thursday, where I am going with the group of friends I go out to dinner with once a month or so. Plus it gives you an extra four hours onto your weekend (that you are with fellow campers).

One fantastic aspect of CG was how laid back it was. I was pretty worried about it. I was worried about a number of things, one of which was that all the women would be really put together and high-powered. In fact, I gave myself a manicure, just in case. (Every time I looked at my hands this weekend, I thought "Imposter!")

I consider this weekend very successful for a couple of reasons, one of which is that doing this, meeting people, does not come so naturally to me. You know those people who seem to be almost bouncing up and down because they are so active and fun and can't wait for the next thing to come along? I'm not one of their kind. I'm the sit-down-on-the-couch-and-read-a-book kind. I'm also an-object-at-rest-stays-at-rest kind. But the truth is that even though I am extremely uncomfortable around people I don't know, I like people as a general rule. Once I get to know them, I like spending time with them. So for me, the gap to leap over is the one that exists from before I meet someone to after I know him/her a little bit. I have to really psych myself out for that jump. However, going into a weekend like this, it is clear to me that this gap will have to be hurdled a lot in order for me to have any fun at all. Therefore, before I got on the bus, I forced myself to go up to people and say hi. Therefore, on the bus, I talked to my seatmate. I chatted with the woman across the aisle. I introduced myself to the people in front of me and the people behind me. I got up and wandered around. A lot of people over the weekend said, "Oh, yeah, you were on my bus." (There were two buses.) In fact, one of the guys who I talked to during the HurryDate party said he saw me on the bus and liked how friendly I was. Should I have told him it was all an act?

It's not exactly an act, though, not exactly. It's more like I am accessing a little-used part of my personality. Like I'm speaking a foreign language I'm a little rusty in. It's a little Jekyll and Hyde-like, except I don't kill anyone.

*When a man says he is going to call but doesn't, I assume that it has nothing to do with me but, rather, he has been hit by a bus.


  1. Wow, sounds like an awesome weekend! I am so glad that you had such a great time. Isn't the trapeze the coolest thing ever? (I just went on the trapeze on my vacation...) I have never tried a zip line (or, for that matter, a Texas hold 'em tournament) but it sounds like an absolute blast. Go you for pushing yourself to break out of your comfort zone - you definitely seem to be reaping the rewards! And I hope that Brian does call and does not get hit by a bus, metaphorical or otherwise.

  2. I've done a zip line and it is thrillingly frightening!!

    I am glad that you had a such a great time on your weekend.

    :) R