Monday, August 18, 2008

Does it Count as a Simcha?

Every week at synagogue, we pray for people who are ill. Even if you haven't informed the clergy ahead of time, the rabbi gives everyone the opportunity to mention anyone who is sick. I don't think this works. That seems like a popularity contest to me, not something that Our Heavenly Father would really get into. But I don't know. And anyway, my friend JJ requested that I pray for one of her sisters, Elizabeth K., whose breast cancer is back, so I have prayers going on both coasts for her.

In addition to talking about people who are ill and, later in the service, asking for people who's deaths we are grieving, we also talk about the simchas. Mostly people mention birthdays and anniversary's and births. Sometimes you get news of people getting into this college or that or getting some sort of degree. Anyway, this week, I had the urge to raise my hand to say "I had a date." I didn't, partly because it sounds so pathetic. It is true that I haven't been on many first dates since the Cleveland boyfriend and I broke up. And gratitude is never a wasted emotion. So I don't mind saying "Blessed are You, Eternal Our God, Ruler of the Universe, who causes good things to happen."

So speaking of the date I had, Brian and I went on another date. We had brunch this weekend. That was nice. I had a very busy Saturday planned, but I was able to squeeze him in, and I'm glad. He's very nice. And I like nice. I would think that everyone likes nice, but I've seen enough to know that that must not be true. Apparently, some people like jerky. Or at least they accept jerky. I'd rather be alone then with jerky. You can't let the bastards grind you down.

In other weekend news, Ace and his girlfriend and one of their friends came into the city and we all saw the last performance of A Chorus Line on Broadway. It was one of the best audiences I've ever seen. They (we) were so responsive to everything. I mean, the first time all the actors turned toward the audience, they got a standing ovation. What was weird for me, is that the first time I saw this musical, it was a long time ago at a dinner theater, and I remember some of the characters as being really old, so I was surprised when the oldest character was younger than I was. Isn't Zack, the director, supposed to be older? He was played by Mario Lopez (of Saved by the Bell fame), so he was younger than I was, too. It was weird. Anyway, after the final curtain, the producer came on stage, and the director, and one of the original cast, and pretty much everyone else. Everyone was emotional. Still, I don't think this run could be considered successful, since it was only on for two years. I mean, better than any Broadway shows I've been in, since those are all imaginary, so who am I to judge?


  1. Haha - I know this feeling! At Board meetings at my shul, we start with "good & welfare," where we go around the room and anyone who wants to, can offer good news (or bad news). It's usually births, graduations, new jobs, etc. - and it's usually about people's children or grandkids. And once or twice, I have been very tempted to say, "I had a good date!" But I've kept my mouth shut, and obviously none of those relationships lasted, so it's probably for the best...

  2. Yay for brunch dates!! What did u eat??? What did u wear???

    And an errant apostrophe in first third os post.

  3. I wore my new-this-season shorts from Ann Taylor Loft along with a dark pink shirt with a sweetheart neckline.

    I had egg whites, well done, with whole wheat toast, and french fries. I always ask for half the amount they normally give, but I can't imagine they normally give twice the amount they actually give me, so I think they just ignore that portion. Brian had a mushroom and Swiss cheese omelette with very well done home fries, wheat toast, and decaf coffee.