Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pictionary Winner

Today was the day of the picnic. It was a great spread. I ended up bringing watermelon as a miscellaneous food. It isn't quite fruit salad, but not everyone considers fruit dessert. We had plenty of dessert: caramel Rice Krispy treats were a favorite, bakery cookies from Martha's Kitchen out in Forest Hills, and apple pie from Baladucci's. We played Pictionary after lunch and my team, the blue team, won, even though we had six players instead of seven. It turns out that the head of the office is quite good at Pictionary, both guessing and drawing. I'm not too bad myself, though it really helps to have a good team.

Today I am going to try and give platelets again. It's kind of too bad because I could have gone straight from the picnic home, except that the blood donation center is right near the office. Ah, well.

I don't think I've mentioned worked lately. I'm working on two interesting projects that are also taking up a lot of time, which I think is a good thing. One of the things I am doing is creating a Sustainability webpage for my organization. I'm gathering all the "green" facts and writing intros to each section. It's the most writing I've done here in a long time, so it's a little exciting.

The other thing I am doing is creating a database of interesting facts about my organization. We're over 100 years old and I am trying to go through all the source material we have - newsletters, quarterlies, brochures, annual reports, etc. It is a lot of work, but I am learning a lot. Unfortunately, yesterday I learned that none of my facts can be more than 128 characters long (they are all going to end up on a computer screen), which means I have to rewrite about half the fact and will have to get rid of close to half of the ones I am rewriting because there is just no way to shorten them and still have them be meaningful. That's a little frustrating, but it's all in a days work. And it's not like I am going to be running out of facts any time soon. We're calling it the Did You Know Database. As in, did you know that the land we occupy used to be a goat farm and was the last open tract of land in a neighborhood of tenements and breweries? Or, did you know that admission to the Museum of Modern Art is free to anyone who works here? (Some of the facts are for internal view only.) The only really disappointing facts is that there are a whole mess of facts that aren't allowed in because they are unsavory. Like, did you know that so-and-so had an affair with such-and-such, got a divorce and then ended up having two children out of wedlock? Or, did you know that someone in X Department actually poisoned her entire department after finding out that her boyfriend was sleeping with one of them. That never makes it into the monthly newsletter, but I've heard rumors.

Oh, now I'm late for the blood thing. Well, odds are that I won't be able to donate, but you never know. Then I, too, can become a member of platelet advantage and win points towards, I don't know, a football or something.

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