Monday, August 04, 2008

Silver Lining on Not Sitting Next to the Rivster

There's something to be said for seeing the world through rose colored glasses and making lemonade out of lemons (which, incidentally, you also need a LOT of sugar for). It's important to be grateful for what you have, so I was thinking about something and found a silver lining.

As it happens, I come from a singing family. My parents had four children in the following order: soprano, alto, tenor, bass. Although we were all in choir, we never formed any sort of a singing group. We were not The Von Giraffe Family Singers.

The Rivster sounds better than I do. Let's pretend that it's only because she's had more training. No, who am I kidding. She was just born with talent. Also, she's had more training. Jock's a better singer than I am also. So is Ace. It's okay. We can't all be the best. Or second best. Or third best. I just get less joy out of it then they do and I never pursued it.

I don't generally sing in the shower though, where some people get their best singing done. The only place I sing with regularity is at services. Everyone is singing together so there is nothing embarrassing about it. And once in awhile, maybe three times a year, the person in front of me or next to me will turn to me after services and say, "You have a lovely voice." That is fantastic. I'm forced to kind of believe it.

This has never happened to me when I am sitting with the Rivster. Not once. What does happen at least 50% of the time is that someone will turn to her and tell her that she has a beautiful voice. This is true and I don't begrudge her that. I will, however, acknowledge the good side of this coin. I might not get to sit with my sister at services, being as how we live three thousand miles away from each other (and to be fair, now that she's a Rabbi, we wouldn't be sitting next to each other anyway), but I do have the sometimes pleasure of hitting the compliment lottery.

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