Friday, August 15, 2008

Wrap Up

So over the weekend, Brian and I had talked about how lucky we New Yorkers are to have diners and how great they were. Referencing that conversation, we ended up going to Big Daddy's Diner, which has been recommended to me by at least three people. I don't recommend it. The company was good, and that was the key thing for the date, of course, but the food was really sub par. Now, one of the things they had been recommended for was their malts and shakes and neither of us had either of those, so I would still go there for dessert. But not the "Cookie Crisp" dessert, which was fried cookie dough. That was a sore disappointment. I like fried dough. I like chocolate chips. I like chocolate chip cookies. I like chocolate chip cookie dough. Wouldn't you think I would like fried chocolate chip cookie dough? Don't be fooled people. Go for the pie. (Actually I shouldn't say that. Maybe the pie would be disappointing. Now I'll have to go back and check.)

After the diner, we went one block over to Comic Strip Live!, which is a comedy club. That was surprisingly funny. I say surprisingly because I'm pretty sure the last comedy club I went to wasn't that funny. I can't remember which one I went to, though. Maybe it was Dangerfield's. Anyway, we both thought that this one was funny.

Afterwards, he drove me home in his car. (He has a car because he doesn't live in the city. This makes him GU: geographically undesirable. However, he is not as GU as if he lived in, say, Cleveland, so I can deal.

Over all, thumbs up. After all the time we spent together over the weekend, I was a little concerned that we would run out of stuff to talk about, but that hasn't happened yet.

Last night, I went to the Bohemian Beer Garden with some friends of mine. I was actually feeling fairly sick, but what I had wasn't contagious and I was supposed to meet one of my new camp friends there, so I went anyway. It was raining pretty hard before I left my apartment, but it stopped long enough for me to get there. On my there (I only got lost twice!), the camp friend I was supposed to meet texted to say she got caught in the rain and was going to have to go home, but we should hang out some other time. I was already half way there, though (or rather, it would have been halfway if it had been where I thought it was), so I kept going and met the rest of my friends there not much later. We only stayed a couple of hours. I was just too tired to be sociable. Which is better than being congenitally unable to be sociable. That doesn't go away.

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