Friday, September 19, 2008


Last month, I got a call from Sylvia. For those of you who don't know, her line of work is special events. After Sunflower was born, she went from full time to free lance. Not knowing that she had moved, one of her old special events contacts called her and asked if she was interested in working an event last week. She said that she had moved out of town but knew someone who might be interested - me! She called me up and I said I would love to talk to her people.

I talked to her people and they were interested enough that they wanted to interview me. I was surprised by this. After all, this wasn't rocket science, it was telling people which chairs to sit in or something, but their show, they can call the tune. So I met a very busy woman named Jane at a local Starbucks. She asked me what I wanted and I got a mint frappaccino with no whipped cream. (I don't like whipped cream. Besides that, I have a devil of a sweet tooth. But no whipped cream and no vanilla ice cream. Unless it's part of an Eskimo Pie or a Nestle Crunch Bar. Or a Drumstick.) My first interview where food was involved. Tricky. Luckily, I hadn't gotten the mint chip frappaccino because the chips of chocolate get unattractively stuck in your teeth. No good.

Anyway, this interview was the best interview I ever had in my life. Granted, I don't interview much. I've been in the same job for a long time, but still. I could tell she was liking everything I was saying and it wasn't like I was making things up. I do like people. I do like to be in the background making things run smoothly. I am a team player, but I can also be a leader. And I know customer service, because I trained at Disneyland. I was happy when she emailed and said I could be part of the team.

The event was at the UN and the topic was how information moved on the internet. One of the plusses to an event like this is that most of everything that the events staff coming in does is done at the beginning so you have the option to stay for the rest of the event. Since the event was at the UN, she said to dress "smartly" (she's British). When I found out in the interview that the event was at the UN, I immediately said that I would be wearing a dress suit and it was imminently appropriate. Not so for the worker who came in fancy short shorts. She looked smashing, but she also looked like she belonged in a club. Jane also said that we should bring a notebook and a pen. Shorts girl didn't do that either. I actually had the presence of mind to bring a clipboard because it was pointed out to me by someone in high school (and this has always stayed with me) that the person with the clip board looks like she is supposed to be there and looks like she is in charge. It also looks more natural to hold than a notebook. That just looks sloppy.

Anyway, my job was to tell people where to go once they passed through security because the UN is rather large. So basically, I said, "You'll want to go all the way down this corridor, make a left through the security doors, and take the elevator to the fourth floor," and smiled every single time I said it. In fact, I smiled for pretty much three hours straight. You can thank Disney for that as well. I also started directing people who were there for other events because that was easier then telling them to go to the security guard. I did that for the first three people, but they were all going to the same place, so I took that over as well. I also worked the list on the front gate for a little bit, where I met a semi-famous actor I'd never heard of. He was pleasant and nice to look at. They made him wait about twenty minutes to get in to one of the other events because he wasn't on anyone's list. I was really glad I got to be on the door, because then I had access to the names of the people who were coming in. One of the things that Jane had sent us was a list of all the important people in the organization. I'd memorized the list and I didn't want it to go to waste. And for all this so-called work, they paid me a bunch of money. On the high end of what I asked for. And I was home by 9:30.

Two days later, I got an email saying that they are maybe interested in hiring me to be the event coordinator. It would have been more impressive if the email wasn't sent to "recipients" and had my name on it, but still. I thought about it for a couple of hours, but although I had fun that night, it's just not something I'm looking for. And really, from the way things were run, it would be highly stressful. In addition, they only have one event a month, so it wasn't a full time job. Still, it's nice to be asked.

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  1. Wow - you left the job offer part out of our earlier conversations. How cool!!!

    Maybe it's true when "they" say it's nice just to be nominated.