Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Waterfalls/Esther K is Leaving

Another good Thursday. I've been really fortunate with that. My problem is that I like going out and doing things, but I find it easier to stay home and do nothing (which I also kind of like). Path of least resistance, an object at rest stays at rest. Whatever you want to call it. However, lately I've been shaking off the stupor of life and going out and doing. Good on me.

Last night, my alumni group went out to see "The Waterfalls." The Waterfalls are a public art project along the East River (which is actually a straight and not a real river) consisting of four man-made waterfalls. I've been meaning to see them because why not, but to tell you the truth they were no great shakes. If you see a picture of them, it's basically the same thing. Also, the wind was so strong last night that two of the four of them were shut off. As an alumni event, I think it was a bust. There was no mingling. Luckily, I went with a friend of mine (we lived on the same hall my Sophomore year), so I had someone to talk to. And we did get pretty close to The Statue of Liberty, and that, of course, is always cool. What a great gift to have received. Thank you, France.

The second half of the evening was much more fun, though tinged with sadness. My friend Esther K of My Urban Kvetch and about four other blogs/writing outlets (at least) was having a good bye New York Party because next month, she is moving to LA. This is good news for Rivster, because now they can hang out there, but bad news for me, because I will see Esther even less than I do now (though she's been traveling so much recently, we haven't actually seen each other in awhile). I love Esther's parties. I always meet interesting people. I wish I could have stayed longer because the party was just heating up, but I had to make my way back to Queens. Aargh. The good news is that I made plans to see Esther when I am out in California next month. (I don't think I told you, but I am visiting for Sukkot. It's not really for Sukkot per se, though I am glad I'll get to live with a real live Sukkah for the first time in how knows how many years, but because I wasn't planning on returning back to California until April and this is just six months out. Plus, Poppyseed is getting Consecrated.

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