Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been absolutely swamped at work. There is this big project that I've been working on, the preliminary draft of which is due Friday, that I planned to devote this week to. Then on Monday, I got the news that the report for the Board of Trustees, which I prepare for our department, was due on Friday. (75 copies, three hole punched, double-sided for the environment) That takes precedence. I immediately started working on that on Monday morning. Luckily (well, it's not really luck, is it), I'd done about half of it about a month and a half ago. (One of the things I do is compile all the hoo-hah publications we are featured in. Theoretically, I could update that every day, but that really wouldn't be the best use of my time.

Unfortunately, on Monday around noon, I got news from the office assistant that she wasn't going to be able to get the mailing out that had to go out that day by herself, so I spent the next five hours working with her on that. Worked straight through lunch. Five hours I lost. And I couldn't stay that late because I was scheduled to give blood. (Failed, again, which is kind of good, because I wanted to give the day after Thanksgiving. I do that with my Vermont family. Maybe this time, it'll work.) Tuesday I couldn't stay late because of a doctor's appointment, but I finished the compilation by the end of the day.

On Wednesday, we had a field trip that I didn't want to go on, but was in charge of. We got back before two, but that doesn't leave a lot of time til the end of the day, so I stayed until 7:30 p.m. and finished the memo that went to the board. Today, I had the chance to work on the original thing that I wanted to work on to begin with. And I haven't had time/inclination to blog. I was going to tell you all about my trip. Now, it's old news.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday. Well, I can only do what I can do, right? And tomorrow night I go to B'nai Jeshrun with my friend Miriam. I don't really want to go. I like my regular synagogue. This place, though, is right near Miriam and she doesn't want to try it by herself, which I understand, and I'm probably one of the few people she knows who actually goes to services on Friday night. If that provides any stories, I'll let you know.

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