Friday, December 19, 2008

Channukah Party

Last night was the one Channukah Party I have plans to go to and it wasn't even Channukah. More importantly, there wasn't anything Channukah-like about it. No dreidels, no latkes, no gelt. Maybe I'm just being childish. I mean, it wasn't at the synagogue, it was at a bar. And it wasn't for the whole synagogue, just for those in their 20s or 30s.

I must be out of sorts, because I feel very negative about the whole thing. Let me say at the outset, though, that I think the party could be considered a success because of the turnout. It was pretty high. Here are a list of things I didn't like.
  • It didn't start until 8:30 p.m. That was hugely inconvenient.
  • There was a holdup with the food and it didn't come out until 9:15 p.m. or so. And they didn't have enough mozzerella sticks. I was also surprised that they served cheese and chicken, although maybe thats perfectly normal and I'm living in a bubble.
  • I felt older than everyone. I don't know if I was older than everyone and it wasn't really everyone, but that made me really self-conscious. That wasn't anyone's fault, but I still didn't like it.
  • A lot of the crowd was socially awkward. I include myself in this group. Is it something about Jews, is that it? All I know that I had at least four conversations where I encountered dead silence, just nothing. There was one guy who wouldn't tell me where he worked. He didn't adequately explain why, just that someone might find out and show up to his work and start doing his job.
  • My temple friends weren't there. I should have called them ahead of time, I just thought they would be there and they weren't. That would have solved a few problems.

Maybe I just have a bad attitude. Well, you know what they say. Shape up or ship out. I don't know how that applies here, but I said it anyway.


  1. That doesn't sound like much of a Hanukkah party. I agree that there should have been some Hanukkah-related things and it should have been during the holiday.
    One of our Hanukkah parties was canceled b/c of the snow, and the other we can't attend b/c we'll be traveling. Maybe next year.

  2. Sorry your Hanukkah party didn't go so well. Young Professionals Kesher in DC just had ours in a social hall, and it went really well -- over 100 people and everyone seemed to have a good time. We played No Limit Texas Dreidel, a dreidel + poker combination game, that might be a fun way to bring dreidel back to your synagogue's 20s and 30s party; plus it's a good icebreaker.

  3. Well, to be fair, other people seemed to be having a fine time.

    Jennifer - I'm sorry about the snow. As I said on the phone, I'm glad I live in the less-snowy area of NYC.

    Jeremy - I don't think I know you. Your organization sounds like fun. If I were there I would try it out.