Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Week for Meeting People

I started this last week, but I never finished it. Here it is:

One of the things I like about the holiday season is the number of parties there are. This week, my alma mater had its annual holiday party, the Lunch Club had its annual holiday party, and my friend Esther was in town and had a small gathering. That last one was not a holiday party, but it did happen this week. So I caught up with people I knew and met a lot of new people. It was fun, though by the end of the week, I was really petering out.

I was born a shy person, but through the reading of many self help books, I have been able to ignore the part of me that says "sit in a corner and look at your hands," and am able to talk to people. It's an effort, but the results are almost always worth it. Though I have to admit, when I first got to the Alma Mater party, I took a look around and didn't see anyone I knew and almost walked out. I need to have someone I can start out with, just one person to talk to at first, kind of like priming the pump. Though I also find that once I start talking to a person, I don't know how to stop. Is there a polite way of saying, "I had a pleasant time talking to you, but this is a party and there are other people here I'd like to talk to?" I'm really inept when it comes to things like that.

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  1. "It's been great chatting with you! I need to go say hi to someone I haven't seen in ages. I'll see you later!"

    Or, "I'm going to get a little more to eat/drink. Talk to you later."

    Or, if you're truly desperate, "Excuse me, I have to find the ladies' room."