Monday, December 29, 2008

Movie Review: Rachel Getting Married

I was going to see this movie over the Thanksgiving Weekend and I am really happy that I didn't. I hate to have a bunch of people go to a movie they end up not liking. This movie was the second most boring I've ever seen. If I had been by myself, I would have gotten up and left. I will tell you exactly what this movie is like. This movie is like if your significant other is invited to be in someone's wedding and you are along for the ride. Instead of sitting together, s/he is sitting at a head table and you are with a bunch of people you have no interest in. The seating arrangement is the same for the rehearsal dinner. Also, you are staying at the bride's parents' house. The acting, as you may have heard, is excellent. What a waste.

For the record, the most boring movie I ever saw was "Hanging Up," with Lisa Kudrow, Meg Ryan, and Diane Keaton. That movie basically consisted of three sisters who called each other, got angry with each other, and hung up on each other.

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