Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Parents Back in California

Actually, my parents have been back in California for weeks now, I just never got caught up on my blogging.

We had a very nice time together in The Big Apple. DadGiraffe was actually here for work - he was installing one of his former students into his own congregation. That was something to see because I actually had grown up with this particular person. He was a year ahead of me in Religious School. I thought I would think it was weird, seeing him as a Rabbi, but actually it wasn't. I've been to so many congregations that I've seen Rabbis of all sorts. What's one more? But it must be something else, to have one of your students follow in your footsteps. And the cool part was that I could see a DadGiraffe a little bit in the way this new Rabbi structured his sermon. (Actually he isn't a brand new Rabbi, he's just in a new congregation.)

While MomGiraffe and DadGiraffe were here, I took them to see a one man play called La Guardia for their collective birthdays. It was about Fiorella LaGuardia, former mayor of New York City (1934 -1945). I learned a lot about him. I got a little bored after the first forty five minutes or so (the play was about an hour and a half), but M&D liked it, so I was pleased. And I liked it, too, it was just a lot of information at one time. The first forty five minutes took place before he had even become mayor.

We had some nice dinners on the Upper East Side. Two stand outs were the Hungarian restaurant Andre's Cafe and Caffe Bueno Gusto.

On Saturday, Ace and his girlfriend came into the city from Pennsylvania so we could all spend some time together. That was nice, too.

What else happened. Oh, yes. MomGiraffe got me this great sweater from Banana Republic.

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