Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Poker Loser

Now that I don't have my fabulous two bedroom in Manhattan, I have had to stop hosting Poker Parties. Actually, I could probably do it if I really set my mind to it, but it would be really cramped and I don't think I could get eight people to come out to Queens for it, especially on a weekend.

What I did instead was to find someone to host the poker party instead of me. I supplied the poker chips and the handy chart of which hands beat what other hands (yeah, we're really high tech there). So the person hosting it is Harpo. Everyone had such a good time that we agreed to do it again which I was rather relieved at because the poker chips are really heavy and I didn't relish dragging them home with me. On the other hand, I got a ride home, so it wouldn't have been a big deal. Still, if we are going to have a repeat performance, I don't want to have to take them back and forth. One of the negatives about Harpo's place is that she only has six chairs, so we could only have seven players (there is an ottoman, too), but as it happens, there were only six players (and one onlooker). This means that instead of having first, second, and third places, we only did second and first. This did not affect me in the slightest because I came in fifth. That was ahead of Harpo. She's played Texas Hold 'Em one other time, and that was the time I taught it to her.

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