Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Shenanigans

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday night.

On Tuesday night, I went out with a friend I haven't been able to spend time with in over a year (her father is very sick) to P.J. Clarke's, which is on the Upper East Side (very convenient to where I work).

On Wednesday night, I went out with my favorite New York Couple, whom I also haven't seen in a long time. We had Japanese dumplings and in a move that no one would have suspected, I also had miso soup. I have no explanation for why I eat miso soup. I don't really like it. In general, I hate all fish-based foods. I just have to have it when it's available. And it's good for you, so I don't mind the compulsion. After dinner, we went to Crumb's, which is a cupcake place. I think it is highly over rated, but I had one anyway. They have very interesting kinds of cupcakes, not just chocolate and vanilla. They have Twinkie, with filling inside and Hostess Cupcake, which filling inside, and Snickers, and Apple Caramel and a whole bunch of other fanciness.

On Thursday was the Channukah party I told you about yesterday.

Basically, I am running out of batteries. I think that might have been part of the reason I didn't have a great time at the aforementioned party. I just wanted to go home; I wasn't up to it. Nonetheless, I have plans for tonight, a lot of plans. And by a lot, I mean more than one.

I am going to see "Slumdog Millionaire" with Syl's college roommate, who I have before friends with, and then we are going to a party at Slate, on the West Side. I haven't been there for several years. They have pool tables and such. Might be fun.

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  1. You know, miso isn't fish based. Just soy and seaweed and salt.