Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

After a one year hiatus, I once again spent Thanksgiving in Vermont. I was with Uncle Vermonster and his family, which was very nice. It really is incredible how a dinner that you spend twelve hours making (or however long) is pretty much done in 20 minutes. My uncle's wife, Dorothy, lays a great spread. Everything is homemade and she gets really into it. As a personal favor to me, she does do one thing out of a can and that is cranberry sauce, but she also makes a cranberry relish and a homemade cranberry sauce. I feel like a kid, but I really do like the canned stuff better than the gourmet. So much for my refined sense of taste.

There was an addition to the table this year, because Cousin CC got married (David wasn't a new addition because he had been there before of course) and had a daughter, Dee. Dee looks a lot like CC did when she was born, which I can actually vaguely remember (all my first cousins are at least eight years younger than I am). Very cute.

As I mentioned three or four years ago, Uncle Vermonster and I normally go to Barnes & Nobel and EMS and Dakin Farms the day after Thanksgiving to do his Channukah shopping. This year was different, partly because I got up so late on Friday. (I was really annoyed by that. Normally I like to sleep in, but not when I have things I want to get done.) Also, more people than usual were around.

Instead of going where we normally went, we went with Dorothy, CC, and Dee to Downtown Burlington. It's very small, but has some cute shops. My favorite place was Hatley Boutique. Their tag line is "Get clothes to nature." All of their clothes are made with organic cotton and use flower dyes. I bought some really adorable stuff for Sunflower so that's another one off my shopping list for Channukah. I'm about half way done.

There was a little change up this year in terms of Thanksgiving. Instead of staying in Vermont the whole weekend, the kids went down to Boston to meet up with Jock, Sylvia and Sunflower. Although they were having Tgiving in Maine, they were flying in and out of Boston so they could pick up/drop off Sylvia's sister, Miss Wiggums. I drove down with Cousin TK in one car (he lives near Boston, so we couldn't all go in one car because CC and her family had to get back) and Cousin CC and her family drove down in another. We went to Faneuil Hall in Boston proper and then went out to Woburn to CC et al's hotel to meet up with the Dallas Giraffes. Then we all went to Uno's and had just a really nice dinner. (And dessert.) After dinner, we went up to the hotel room to hang out, though it was a pretty early night because the babies can only stay up so late.

After that, TK drove me out to Belmont because I was staying with my friends Dave and Diane. I know Dave from Alma Mater, so we've been friends for awhile. We stayed up late talking, went to brunch the next day and then went to this super cute shop called The Spirited Gourmet where I got more Channukah shopping done (very successful weekend). I was supposed to have lunch with my very good friend Carol, also from Alma Mater, but she couldn't meet until after two and I was taking a 2:30p bus back to New York. Sad. Hopefully, I will see her later this month, when she is going to stop over in New York on the way to Pennsylvania to visit in laws. By the way, the bus, affordable though it was, took over six hours. Holiday traffic. Luckily, my uncle had been saving up books to give away and I took most of them so I had all six hours covered.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and a great time with your family. See you soon!