Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just Having Some Lunch

Haven't posted in awhile. It's been really cold here, which means I try to stay indoors as much as possible. The good news is that it's going to be in the 40s over the weekend and the beginning of next week! (That qualifies as great weather for right now for right here.)

I really need more pairs of tights. What I am doing now is watching the extended weather forecast on Monday morning to see which three days of the week are going to be coldest and plan my wardrobe around that.

I've been thinking a lot about memories lately. Here's a question for you: Let's say you had some awful disease that might or might not kill you. It's very painful, though, and your doctor says that there is a solution. You can have a course of treatment, but in exchange, you won't be able to remember the next six months of your life. You'll live them just fine, but afterwards, total amnesia. Would you do it? It's easy enough to answer that question if it's the past six months of your life because then you would know what you would be missing and can make an informed decision. But this?

In the movie "Paycheck," an engineer is offered $70 million to come work for a company for three years on a top secret project. At the end of that time, his memory will be completely erased. Now $70 million is an awful lot of money, but by 2012, there could have been an apocalypse or a world war or something. You wouldn't know anything about how it came about, you'd essentially wake up on what would seem like the next day in a burned out building wondering what the hell happened. Even if that didn't happen, there's a whole list of things you wouldn't do because it doesn't make any sense. You aren't going to try and learn a language. That would be a huge waste. You'd have some problems with interpersonal relationships because you won't remember anything that would have happened.

And also, how much do you trust the guy with the erasing memory machine? Does he really know what he is doing? How do you know he isn't some mad scientist just waiting for the rare opportunity to poke around someone's brain. Zap - and you no longer know how to ride a bike. Zap - and you've never heard of Shakespeare. The possibilities are really endless.

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