Monday, February 02, 2009

What a Game!

I'm not such a football fan. In actuality, I don't really care. I do like another excuse for a party, though, especially if I don't have to host it. I didn't mention it last year, because I was so busy trying to find an apartment, but I went to Harpo's place to see the Superbowl. (I first went to the West Side Einstein's, then to Harpo's.) This year, I also went to Harpo's and she announced that it is going to be an annual event, so I expect that I will be there next year as well.

I actually didn't see most of the game. I was lazing around and took a nap and didn't even leave for the city (that is, Manhattan) until 8:15 p.m. However, the game didn't get good until I got there, so there was no loss. And even in my limited understanding of football, that was a pretty exciting 4th quarter. First this team was in the lead, then the other, then, in the last minute, the first time was back in the lead and with a hell-of-a-catch won the game. And, of course, Harpo gets food for a party like I get food for a party. That means that when the party is over, you have a little more than you would need to have the party all over again, so that while I am too old for party favors (or at least too old to admit that I want party favors), I get party food to bring back to munch on for weeks. Or days, as the case may be.

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