Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Get Lost

I know that not everyone is into the television show "Lost," so this isn't a post about what is happening in the show (though I will bring up one thing towards the end). What I want to report is that last month, I found a group that watches Lost. I now have 70 people to watch the show with and it is awesome.

We all gather at a bar and chat for awhile before the show. It has been really interesting to meet different people and see how their other interests parallel each other (when they do). It's a very friendly group, and very welcoming. And it turns out that I already knew some of the people that go through other friends of mine in the city. And I have people who can comment on any aspect of Lost that I can think of, which is something of a relief.

When the new show for the night actually starts, there is dead silence (except for the commercial breaks), when there is an immediate buzz of, "What did that mean?" and "That totally relates to last season when that guy said he might do this someday." and stuff like that. Everyone gasps at the gaspable parts together. It a lot like going to the movies, except that you can actually turn to anyone around you and say, "Did you see that!" and they'll talk back to you. Well, they'll say "shush" if you haven't waited for a commercial break.

In other news, I am trying a new frozen food for lunch. I've found that whenever I go shopping, one of the diet frozen lunches is always on sale (Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, and Healthy Choice). I buy a bunch and am good for the week. On sale, they're less expensive than what I would pay in the cafeteria. I don't mind spending $3 for lunch. Nonetheless, I like to change it up a bit sometimes. Today, I am having a gluten-free broccoli souffle from Garden Lites. Normally, I wouldn't buy something from a company that can't spell its own name, but I didn't notice at the time. More importantly, though, it isn't very good. This doesn't really taste like broccoli or smell like broccoli. I'm saving the slightly burnt part for last. That's always best. I may have to stop half way through and switch to a Boca Burger. We'll see.

Lastly, I have a question for you that is based on a conversation I had with Maggie, over at the Lost Meetup. Is it better to think that your father has abandoned you or to find out that he is dead? (In Lost, Walt has escaped from the island where they are all lost on with his father. His father goes back to rescue some of the others on the island and ends up dying in the process. No one who was actually rescued has the heart to tell him that his father died, so they've all told him that his dad is just back on the island.)

For my money, I'd rather know the truth.


  1. Ah, *that's* why you didn't answer the phone when I called this evening. Well, that or you're just not taking my calls at all, which would make me sad. I don't watch Lost but I'm glad you found a community for it. I think I'd rather know the truth, too. And this line of yours: "Normally, I wouldn't buy something from a company that can't spell its own name..." made me laugh out loud. And also, my "word verification" thing to submit this comment is "blork." For whatever reason, that is making my day.

  2. Yes, don't feel bad. Which you know you don't have to since I called you two nights ago without even looking at this comment. So: no undue influence.