Monday, August 24, 2009

So Busy

I am ridiculously busy and I feel like I am getting nothing done.

Met with my boss today. Here is the list I used to remind me of what I needed to go over with her:
  • We have a meeting on Wednesday with our Information Technology liaison to discuss who will keep track of information online that needs to be updated when people leave, but don't have any flags to indicate that. Do you need information other than the seven page document I sent last Thursday?
  • We have a meeting on Thursday with same to discuss the Website metrics. What graphic representation is needed?
  • FYI. There is a problem with one of the data bases I didn't create. It doesn't have to be solved immediately, but I need to get on it. I need to push it off until next week.
  • Reminder: department-wide email migration takes place on Wed p.m.
  • The auto attendant feature on our main line is now operational. Do you want to check my recording before I take it live?
  • Finished the bigger POs. All approved.
  • I have had it with BASCH [third party subscription service we've been using]. They're shit heads and I am not using them anymore.
  • Talked to Ash about the Photo Bureau — she's now in charge.
  • Moe's phone is taken care of. [Switch from Verizon to T-Mobile, now using personal account.] He'll be in charge of getting reimbursement.

    In the midst of

  • Will send out email about the new ordering protocol.
  • Send email to Tony about the erroneous IT charges.
  • Creating content for the scientists featured on fence display. Prelim work done.
  • Making sure the files under the fax machine are moved to 302.
  • Sending info about the things that our assistant used to be in charge of to the people who are now in charge of it.
  • Found place to recycle old electronics. We have more than we thought, so I may have to renegotiate with them.

    Back burner

  • Waiting for Lori to get back to find out when the Steinway is being tuned so I can call Brian and see what the plans for the Steinway in the music room are.
  • Waiting on Bess for mock up of Journalists page.
  • Any new word on the TI Program?
  • Move info to
  • Make sure our award info matches up with Main Office award info.
  • Finish Invoices database.
  • Waiting on Safety Office about changes to the Disaster Plan. [note: I am the liaison in our office]
  • Need new clipping service, but under contract til FY 2011.
  • Peer comparison.
  • Science crash course class for office.
  • Latest company trivia info for website.

Here is what I added to that list during the meeting:

  • I'm going to have to go over the assistant's desktop. I tried to go over everything with her, but she has two copies of most things and they aren't all the same. It may take a couple of weeks.
  • Thinking of changing our record keeping of Petty Cash receipts so they are all electronic. Thoughts? Feelings?
  • Need signatures for the changes I'm asking Finance to make to our transactional reports. All of these were outside errors.
  • Need to check with Anne about how long to keep the cell phone active for the special events coordinator who left last week.

I should probably note that I also have a to do list two pages long, not all of which intersects with the things on the list above. I have 22 emails in my draft folder because either I haven't finished them, or I am done with them, but it is too early for them to go out. I sent out fourteen email today, four of which were about the change in our main phone line and three of which were to the numbskulls at BASCH about an invoice that we had to request that was incorrect. I posit that if there is a credit on your account, they shouldn't send you an invoice asking for more money without indicating that there is a negative balance on your account. Or they should at least send you paperwork showing that you were credited. Or, alternatively, they shouldn't charge you the wrong amount to begin with.

And you know what? I'm tired.

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