Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So what do you like to do on a date? Movie, drinks, coffee, restaurant?

I really should work up a list of all good date ideas and then rank them and post them somewhere. I should at least think about them. Here are the only conclusions I have come to so far (and I don't promise they won't ever change).

1) I don't really like the coffee date. A lot of people swear by them. They say that you're wasting your time by going on a long date because what if it's not going well and you can always elongate a shorter date. While it's true that dates can be agonizing if you're on a bad one, I say suck it up. It takes some people awhile to warm up. What if it takes you an hour or so to get into your groove? By the time you're there, your date has left. Of course, I only started drinking coffee about three years ago, so it is possible that I haven't given that date form a proper chance either.

2) Going to dinner and a movie is great, but not in that order. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to see the movie first and then have dinner, so you have something in common that you can talk about immediately? Then you can segue into more personal things like, "I thought that ending scene in Slumdog Millionaire was amazing. You know, I tried to get on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire too, but I didn't pass the test. They wanted to know what kind of a weather phenomenon a sirocco is. You know, if I had a million dollars, I'd eat dijon ketchup." Stuff like that.

Assistant Story
Today I went into the freezer at work because I had to put something big in it. Since the big tub of vanilla ice cream had been in there since May 21st, I didn't feel bad about throwing it away. Maybe the ice cream was still good, but if fifteen people haven't finished it in three months, it just isn't that important. The container was kind of stuck to the bottom of the freezer. I pulled on it until it finally snapped up and saw why it was stuck.

Someone had left a can of Pepsi in the freezer and it exploded everywhere. It had gotten every surface and was all over everything. I have to admit, I was annoyed and conversationally said to a workmate who was using the microwave, "Who leaves soda in a freezer?" I wasn't actually expecting an answer, it was just a way to vent frustration, but the assistant had heard me from the other room said, "Oh that was me. I must have left it in there when I was cooling down the sodas [for the staff meeting we had yesterday.] It must have fallen out of the netting when I took them back out."

In this case, netting = plastic six pack holder.

Then she came over to take a look. "Wait, this looks like it was opened. Someone left an open can of soda here. That wasn't me."

I replied, "I think that's just what happens when you leave soda in the freezer. It isn't like alcohol; it has a regular freezing point."

She said, "Oh, I thought it just bulged out."

The thing is, these kinds of things happen. In fact, I think I've done the exact same thing myself except with a bottle of champagne. It's totally not a big deal, just part of the bigger picture.


  1. I never liked going to the movies on a date. The whole point of a date is to get to know the person, which is hard at the movies. Then, there's the whole question about physical contact during the movie that can get awkward. Never had a coffee date.

    What a bonehead leaving a can of soda in the freezer. Did you make her clean it up?

  2. Ooh, nice new look! :) I'm partial to this template, as you may recall...

  3. OMG -- I am going to miss your assistant. She really provides such a service. Comic relief, that is! Not actually efficiency. That would be more helpful, I suppose...though not nearly as funny.

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  5. Jennifer: I am actually going on a movie date tomorrow night, but we are seeing the movie and then talking.

    The only physical contact during a movie that should occur on the first date is if your hands accidentally touch if you both reach for the popcorn at the same time.

    She offered to clean it up. She was always good about stuff like that.

    Marnie: I had forgotten. It looked more appropriate on yours because you were by the sea, but I like it for me nonetheless. At least for now.

    Riv: Don't worry, I'll still post some stories.