Friday, October 16, 2009

Third is Better Than Eighth

That might not be true in all cases, but in this case it is.

Last week, our trivia team came in 8th out 12. Abysmal, due mostly to our lack of James Bond knowledge. This week, however, with two of our alternates filling in for two of our regulars, we fared much better.

The third place team gets its money back, so hurrah for that. Not as good as second, which we did the first week, but there are still seven or so weeks to go. Happily, we beat our rival team, The Broadway Brainiacs.

Special thanks to Adam, who is exceptionally knowledgeable about Marvel Cartoon Characters. And Sesame Street. On a personal note, this week's general knowledge round was my personal best yet. I thought everyone knows what a philatelist is.

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