Monday, November 09, 2009

Red Letter Sunday (Hurrah!)

I started this post on October 19th and didn't finish it, so I am going to break it up into bits and post it now and later. That way, the work won't go to waste.

I had a fantastic yesterday. I got so much done, it was ridiculous. I don't think I mentioned this, but last month (two months ago?), I got a dresser. I have been wanting a new dresser for a very long time because my old dresser was a cheaply made put together piece of rubbish that had cardboard bottoms that were falling apart.

I searched for months. I decided almost immediately that I would not get a new dresser. I wanted a really nice dresser that wasn't old fashioned looking and I wasn't willing to pay full price for the quality I wanted. Look, if I were made of money, I would have gotten a custom made piece that was made to my specifications while simultaneously supporting the craft industry. But I'm not, so I didn't. And besides, it's better for the environment.

A lot of people told me to go to Ikea but I wanted something with a little style that was made from real wood; something that isn't described by, "it's very well made considering how much it costs." I haunted Craigslist for a long time before I found something I really liked. It was more expensive than I anticipated, but the woman that owned it *brought it to me,* which is a very big deal because it meant that I didn't have to hire a man with a van. AND, she and her boyfriend carried it into my bedroom.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to rearrange my room the way I wanted it well before they came. The new dresser was at least 50% bigger than my old one (with twice as many drawers) and all the extra room was in the length. I had pictured exactly where I would have it. Unfortunately, in spite of my Tetris* skills, I am not good at imagining spatial relationships in 3D space. When I moved my bed (with the great head/foot board that was half off at, it blocked the closet. Normally, something like that would put me in a panic, but I really didn't have time. The new dresser was coming in an hour.

It took me a couple of different configurations, but I did the best I could: I moved the bed so that it only blocked the lower half of my filing cabinet. Meanwhile, everything that had been where the bed now was, including all the clothes that I had taken out of the crappy dresser, had to be moved. Unfortunately, I didn't have anywhere to put them. And since the dresser would be going on the far wall now, instead of the near wall, I had to have a clear path all the way across the room.

Naturally, all my bedroom refugees (the clothing, et al.) ended up all over my apartment, in bags and boxes and covering every clear surface. I was a little disheartened, since I had just finished a five weekend project rearranging my living room. Well, finished isn't the word, exactly, but this definitely didn't help matters.

So all of that is background to say that I have been living in a huge mess. (This isn't a new problem. I still have the dot matrix poster that my sister made for me using Print Shop with a bomb on it overlaid by text that read "Please Say the Sh'ma Before Entering as This Room has been Declared a National Disaster Area.") And I didn't get the dresser this weekend, I got it last month, I just haven't had the drive/will power/stamina to do anything about it because the problem was so massive. Also because I thought that I would be moving the desk to the living room and my dresser where the desk was and dresser again and rearranging the living room and it seemed pointless to fill everything up only to empty it again.

I finally decided that for the time being, everything would stay where it is.

*Tetris is a computer game where you fit shapes into each other.

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