Monday, December 07, 2009

My Wish List, 2009

Traditionally, I can never remember what I want when people ask me what I want. I've also found that when I ask people what they want, they often can't think of anything. The solution: whenever I think of something I want, I write it down in a little notebook I keep in my purse, on a page marked "Things I Want." (It's page 53.) Also, if I think of something that might be good for someone else, I write that down in the notebook on the "Gift Page." (Page 32.)

List in progress, in no particular order:
  • teak bath mat
  • umbrella
  • umbrella stand
  • watch
  • wallet
  • B&N Nook (like a Kindle, only from Barnes and Noble)
  • Starbucks gift card
  • jounal


  1. Lined or unlined? The journal, that is.

  2. Good question! I prefer unlined, although I usually use lined, because it is hard to find unlined. I'd rather have a nice/cool outside with a lined inside than a lame outside with no lines.

    The reason for that is that I like all my journals to look different so that when I go to them to look something up, I don't have to actually go into them to figure out what year they are from. (Red with pink flowers is high school, da vinci map is Israel in college, etc.).

  3. I am the same way. Except that I would go with boring rather than sacrifice a blank page.