Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surprise Visit from Uncle Lionel

Last night, I went out to dinner with my (Great) Uncle Lionel, his longtime girlfriend Lucille, her friend Susie, my cousin Georgia and her fiance Mike. I've mentioned them before; they're the only close family I have left in the city. I do have some cousins out in Canarsie that I visited once, but I only saw them that one time and I'm not sure how I'm related to them. Or what their names are.

Anyway, I got a call last week from Georgia telling me that Uncle Lionel and Lucille would be in town. They live in Florida, but have a condo on the Upper East Side because one of Lucille's daughters lives in or near NYC. We went to a great Italian Restaurant called Primola's. I kind of wanted to have red meat. I've really cut my consumption of red meat down to about once a week when I have a hamburger or something, but I saw the Primola menu ahead of time online and their beef medallions sounded good, as did their lamb chop. I don't remember the last time I had a lamb chop, but I'd be willing to guess at least two years. {Gosh, lamb chops sound good. You know, maybe I'll buy some and make them. They're expensive, but pretty easy to broil.} Anyway, everyone else was ordering pasta, so I downgraded myself to free-range chicken, which was quite nice and I would absolutely go there again. It's on Second Avenue between 64th and 65th.

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