Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, MomGiraffe!

It's MomGiraffe's birthday today. I don't know if it's actually appropriate to say Happy Birthday when a mourner is in the middle of shloshim (the second mourning period for Jews). I don't think you'd even want a happy birthday when someone of import has just died.  So it is just for habit that I say *happy* birthday.

I did get MomGiraffe an awesome gift and I am extremely pleased and genuinely shocked that I had the presence of mind to pack it when I rushed home a couple of weeks ago to say goodbye to my Gma. (I can't believe I will be mentioning them singly and not together. Gma and Gpa no more. Now Gma. And Gpa.) As a general rule, I run late on all gifts. Occasionally I run really early though. Two years ago, I bought a very cute tea set for Sunflower to give to her on her fourth birthday, which will be in 2011.

I wrapped MomGiraffe's gift before I left California so she would have something to open on her birthday. Between Mrs. Grand's diagnosis and death (that sounds so horrible, but what else can I say?) there have been three birthdays and one anniversary that were mostly or altogether ignored and that is just within my siblings! Who knows what else we've all missed. Worry and fear are such energy suckers, as are grief and sadness. Valentine's Day wasn't much of a celebration this year.

The gift itself is a purse made out of wrappers. I thought they were candy wrappers, but it is some other kind of wrapper. It's a reduce, reuse, recycle gift and it was PURPLE!  I got it for MomGiraffe in Mexico and I was going to give her for Channukah before I decided on a joint gift for my parents. (I got them a luggage rack because they always have so many guests. I thought it was a great gift but when I was home, I saw it and it left a little to be desired, so that one wasn't a home run.)

Anyway, if not a happy birthday, I hope on balance that she has a good year. (Obviously, the second half would have to be much better than the first.)

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  1. She LOVED it!!!! She's been using it ever since she opened it :)

    I still have them listed together on my phone. I can't seem to remove Gma's name...