Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Have a New Phone and It's Pink

I was doing a mystery shop for an electronics store and one of my options was to pretend to need a new cell phone. Well, I've actually needed a new cell phone for a few months (you can really only drop these things so many times before the sound quality is effected), so I actually did buy a new phone and it's pink. I wouldn't have gotten it, but there are also subtle flowers on the face plate, so how could I say no. After months of debating, I decided not to get a data plan because that would almost double what I am paying now and now is not a good time to be increasing my expenses for no good reason.

The day after I bought the phone, my old phone vibrated itself off of my desk and cracked its faceplate, so now I will have to input all my old phone numbers by hand, assuming that I have the information. If you would like to help me out in that endeavor, you can text me and tell me who you are. That way, I'll have the information in my phone. You can also email me. That way, you can give me all of your information.

In other news, it is a beautiful day. I am wearing a spring dress for the first time. I went out in my coat at lunch and it was much too hot, which made me smile.

I thought last night's episode of Lost was fantastic.

I ate salad today.


  1. OMG -- I LOVE the new phone. It is adorable.

    No data plan??? but you will still text, right???

    I'll send the info.

    Last night was a tremendous improvement over last week's episode.

  2. I will indeed still text, I just will continue not to be online.