Monday, March 15, 2010

I Still Have a Job

Unlike two of the people I work with.

On Thursday, there was a company-wide meeting saying that as the last of the necessary cost cutting measures for the upcoming fiscal year, 15 (out of 2,000+) people would have to be let go and everyone else would not get a raise for this upcoming year.

We didn't think it would effect our office because we've already lost two people in the past year. Nonetheless, the next day, we had a staff meeting to say that two more people in our office no longer have jobs. Our organization is being as cool as they can be about it. Everyone gets paid until the end of the fiscal year and then there is a severance package based on how many years worked. Still. Not good news.

Now, I'm glum. One of the people worked in my room (there are three of us - it's a large room) and the other was my closest friend at the office, the one who was teaching me Greek. Po po. (That doesn't fit so well, but I only know about six phrases and it's more accurate than Good, thanks, how are you?)

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