Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Night Long

For Shavuot, I went to my synagogue. I had signed up for the dinner and the study session that took place after services.

The blintzes were abysmal. That made me pretty sad.

The study session was uninspiring. I liked the idea of the clergy coming around to each table so that all tables had the opportunity to study in small groups.

I had planned to go to the JCC afterwards, because they have a fantastic program, but I was just exhausted and went home instead. I'm glad I took the next day off, though, because I needed the sleep.

In other news, the landlord FINALLY fixed the pressure on the hot water in my tub.  It only took a year.

Con Edison was scheduled to come today and retrofit the basement pipes, which run underneath my closet, so I woke up at six this morning and emptied my closet onto my bed.

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