Friday, May 28, 2010

Monthly Weight Updates #3 through #5

Monthly Weight Update #3, 3/29/10
Change in weight = -2
Current weight = x-2

Comments: I can't believe it. I lost two pounds! I'm rich! I'm rich! (Or at least that's how it feels.)

Monthly Weight Update #4, 4/26/10
Change in weight = +1/2
Current weight = x-1.5

Comments: I'm going the wrong way!

Monthly Weight Update #5, 5/24/10
Change in weight = +2
Current weight = x-0.5

Comments: Still going the wrong way. I've been diligently recording the food I eat on The Daily Plate. Looking back over my records, I see that I do pretty well and then every ten days or so, I have a really high calorie day. I'll try not to do that going forward; that should help.

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