Friday, August 20, 2010

A Dichotomy of Presence Exists

Hi All.

I have been accepted to write for an online site. It's not paid, but I'm excited nonetheless. And thank you to my sister Rivster who originally forwarded me the application.

Now that I am thinking about writing "for reals" though, it occurs to me that I ought to use my real name. Look. I know that if someone were to spend, oh, forty minutes looking into it, they can figure out who I am. Nonetheless, I want to keep PepGiraffe as something separate from my so-called real life.

I think what I need is a new blog, one that is professional that people can go to see what my writing is about (such as it is). I would still write here, but it would be more of what it was originally intended for: to let my family know what I am doing without having to phone every one of them individually. I'll let you know what is going on in my private life here and save the brilliant rants (and the other ones) for my public persona.

My question for you is this. What should I name my other blog? Just my real name? Or something like:

  • procrastinationpersonified
  • dichotomyofpresence
  • eclecticselections
  • untamedglories
  • peculiarpeculiar
  • notjustanother[NAME]
  • thefifthbestsinger
  • thedreamsaregettingworse
  • itsnotwhatyouthink
  • ameredistraction
  • thepepperparade
  • bleedingidanceonglass

These are all off the top of my head, by the way, so please make suggestions in the comments if you think of something good.


  1. Hi Pepgiraffe,

    Congratulations! I have always liked your way of writing (I read this blog to keep up with my English reading skills too!) so I'd love to see your other blog and the online site which you were accepted. :-)
    I vote for notjustanother[name] as I remember you told me there's a website for 1000 people with your name. But all of the candidates look great!

  2. thefifthbestsinger makes me laugh, but might be offensive to the sixth best singer.

  3. Happy - I am both honored and frightened that you use me to keep up with your reading skills.

    Jock - good point.