Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gall Watch 2010 (Edition 1)

Things were pretty bad this past Saturday. I couldn't make it to the JJ Abrams-a-thon* at Scooter's place, which was a true bummer.  Instead, I opted for pain killers strong enough to sleep through the pain. It was almost ER worthy, but not quite. If I do have to go to the ER, I might have to postpone the surgery or have emergency surgery (ironic, no?), neither of which I want to do.

from Wired Magazine
SILVER LINING, SARCASTIC EDITION: Due to the ridiculously restrictive diet the doctor put me on, I lost a quarter of a pound.

Tomorrow: Details of the ridiculously restrictive diet.

*Creator or co-creator of Lost, Felicity, Fringe, Alias, and other one name titles.

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