Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Dentist Loves Me

Well, I assume he loves me since I saw him two weeks ago, yesterday and will see him in two weeks. Actually, the feeling is mutual - I think he's a great dentist. (If you are looking for someone on the Upper East Side, his name is Dr. Pfeffer.)  He filled two cavities for me yesterday and he said exactly what was going to happen before it happened. "This won't hurt, but you'll feel a little pressure. Ok. There's going to be a noise and then you'll feel some vibration, etc." Also, I like that he hums to himself when he works. It is soothing.

I loved that he was open on Labor Day (I think it's because he'll be closed for all the Jewish holidays). After I left, I found a street fair and I had some fresh watermelon and stir fried chicken. Yum.

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