Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Non-Monthly Weight Update #8

I have clearly not been on top of keeping you informed. Happily, I am pretty sure you don't care.  In fact, I had x equalling "wouldn't you like to know" when it probably should have equalled "except for being slightly curious, couldn't care less." (In either case, x equals my beginning weight.)

Anyway, I am going to count this at the end of last month instead of the now so that it is in line with everything else.  Because I was so sick with the gallbladder thing and everything I ate made me ill and I didn't eat much after the surgery, I lost five pounds!  Hurrah!

So, weight as of 8/30/10 is x-11.5.  Just about twenty more pounds to go. That is four reams of paper. Or one of the weights below.

At this rate, I will complete my goal sometime in July of 2011. However, I don't have that many more organs I can easily get rid of, so I am guessing that it might take even longer.

Meanwhile, with Ace and Bette's wedding coming up next month, I can't lost that much weight because I need to fit into my dress. Of course, I could always get it taken in.

You know, I just looked at all my stats and realized that I weighed this exact same weight thirteen months ago.

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