Friday, November 19, 2010

What a Week or So

Sorry I've been out of touch. I had a fantastic weekend last weekend.

Saturday night was my friend Harx's birthday dinner at Mama Mexico where they have amazing make-it-at-the-table guacamole and at least eight people celebrated their birthdays while we were there. We know because they have a roving mariachi band that sings Feliz Cumpleanos a Ti to the birthday notables and they struck up ever eight to ten minutes. It was surreal. Now I may have to go there for my birthday. Unfortunately, since it was in Morningside Heights, I felt compelled to take a cab home so it was a somewhat expensive night.

Sunday, a had brunch in Brooklyn with my friends The Financiers. Mr. Financier went to my alma mater. I met him my freshman year because he lived next door to a fellow I had a crush on. Later that year, I moved away from my obnoxious roommate and into a suite with Mr. Financier's then girlfriend. His then-girlfriend is now a Swedish doctor in Norway and he lives in Brooklyn with his wife of over ten years. Last week, I realized that the last time I had seen the Financiers was when Dr. Norway was in town so I called up and pointed out that since she lived 3,531 miles away from me and he lived 8 miles away from me, we should really spend more time with one another than either of us spend with her. Anyway, it was really fantastic to see them again. You know, I have had so much going on this past year or so and I have been pretty sick for a lot of that time, and I forgot that I just haven't been out much.

With the great weekend behind me, I was prepared to have a great week. Didn't happen. Instead, I started getting sick Monday night and then was out Tuesday and Wednesday with what I now think may have been food poisoning. Book.

However, I feel better now and have another great weekend to look forward to.

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  1. Financiers!? You know there is a cafe called that in downtown :-)

    Hope the food poisoning wasn't from brunch....

    Mr. Financier